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Advisory Services

Undergo a cybersecurity assessment to identify existing weaknesses. This enables you to take a proactive approach to your security rather than just responding to problems after they have occurred.

As a result of the technical complexity and the ever-changing threat landscape, information security can be a daunting challenge for most organisations. Moreover, information security requires specialist experience and knowledge that is beyond the skill-set of many IT professionals.

Cybercillin combines decades of experience with a specialised body of knowledge to provide information security advice specifically suited to each client's needs and goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution because the security posture that is appropriate for you will depend on your size, type of operations, strategic objectives and organisational culture.

Just some of the services we provide are outlined below below. If you have already identified a specific need in one of these areas we would be happy to help. However your best course of action is often just to start a conversation so that together we can identify what your next steps should be.

Security Audits

Cybersecurity Audit Audit should be your first step in building a more secure IT environment. The Cybersecurity Audit provides an independently prepared report which documents your vulnerabilities and outlines the actions required to reduce risk.

Audits can be undertaken for your whole organisation, or just a single department.

Our Cybersecurity Audit, based on the 14 control categories defined in Schedule 1 of International Standard ISO 27001, covers the key areas relevant to small to medium sized organisations and can be completed online by self-assessment. Our cybersecurity specialists will examine your answers and provide a personalised report with actionable recommendations within 2 business days. 

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, sometimes referred to as "white-hat hacking" is a way of testing whether the controls and defences you have put in place as part of your security hardening program actually work.

Cybercillin utilises a range of automated and manual penetration testing techniques to simulate what attackers might do should they target your organisation. If our white-hat hackers are able to exploit vulnerabilities in your security, then it is highly likely that a malicious hacker will be able to do the same.

Continuously monitoring for weaknesses is an essential tool for ensuring that you keep up to date with the latest challenges and newly discovered exploits.

Threat Hunting

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are able to slip past even the most cutting-edge security defences thanks in large part to an agile strategy.  The threat actors behind successful APTs research the employees, practices and defences of the organisations they want to attack. They may try to breach the defences hundreds or even thousands of times. They learn from their mistakes, modify their behaviour, and finally find a way to get in undetected.

Once a network is breached, most APTs go into a stealth mode. They move slowly, laterally compromising other systems and inching toward their goals.

Forensic investigations from successful attacks often show that the time an APT breached a system to the time it was detected could be anywhere from six months to a year or more. In most cases, these breaches were detected after making that final big move where there is a huge ex-filtration of critical data.

Instead of just focusing on your perimeter defences, what if you assumed that APTs were already hiding in your network, and you had the ability to hunt down the active threats and identify the hidden threats before they can do real damage?

Cybercillin's threat hunters proactively and iteratively searches through networks and datasets to detect threats that evade existing tools.  Rather than wait for alerts, our threat hunters proactively look for anomalies.

PCI Compliance Testing

All merchants who process payments online must be able to prove their compliance with card industry standards for information security.

Cybercillin recommends Hacker Guardian, a certified PCI scanning service that helps you automate PCI compliance reporting. Its fast and easy to manage and schedule. 

Hacker Guardian offers flexible plans and options, making it suitable for organisations of all sizes.  




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